oad over the Lebanon.“Few corners of t▓he globe offer more utter sol▓itude than Syria and Palesti●ne” The Palestine beast of burden ▓loaded with stone 127Beyond the pass ▓stretched mile after mile of desolation absolut●e, hills upon hills sank down behi●nd each other, barren and drear, ●except for an occasional olive tree, ●a sturdy form of vegetation th●at, in itself, added to the gen▓eral loneliness.Few corners of the g●lobe can equal in fearful stretches

of utter s▓olitude this land so aptly termed, in Biblical p▓hraseology, “the waste places of the ea▓rth.” All through the day I tra●mped on, with never a sight nor sound of an anim●ate object, save once in mid-aftern●oon, when I broke my fast on bread-sheet●s and cakes of ground sugar-c▓ane at an isolated shop.Darkness f●ell over the same haggard wilderness.The win▓d, howling across the solitary waste,● filled my ears.On this blackest● of nights I could not have made out a gh●ost a yard away, and the unknown hi▓ghway led me into many a pit●fall.Long hours after sunset I was plodding ●blindly on, my cloth slippers making not ▓a sound, when I ran squarely into th●e arms of some species of human who▓se native footwear had rendered his a●pproach as noiseless as my own.Three startled m▓ale voices